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Fee Schedule for Sculpted Portraits

     The price charged for any commissioned artwork varies with each job, because of differences in size, scale, complexity, materials, etc. The price for a sculpted portrait varies depending on how much of the subject is included, and what permanent material it is produced in. For example, a less expensive commission might be only the head and neck, ending halfway out to the shoulders, and cast in bronze. A most expensive portrait would be the full figure, from head to toe, life-size, with elaborate costume, carved in marble.
     The most popular version of a sculpted portrait is the bust, which is head and shoulders.  In my portfolio two examples are "Jim Meredith" or "Robert Handy."   The price I charge for a life-size bust produced in bronze is US $11,000.
     Marble costs more, about US $18,000 and might require indoor placement, but the result is radiant.

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