Enzo Pasquini is a carver reknowned for his ability to do impossibly delicate things. Franco Cervietti, owner of Studio Cervietti, took me to meet him about 4 months after I arrived in Pietrasanta in early 1994. He worked alone in an old "laboratorio" (workshop) where he's worked for 40 years.
Tears came to my eyes when I saw the exquisite work he was doing. He saw that and put his hands on my shoulders and said (in Italian) "Thank you. That is the ultimate praise." So a fine friendship was born, and I got to work there in his studio for a few years. He reaffirmed my notion that great work cannot come from shabby spirits.
Enzo lives with his wife and son in the house he was born in, surrounded by the olive grove, vineyard, fruit orchard and roses he has tended all his life. Enzo speaks only one word of English - "beautiful". He taught me the language of Italy, and the language of white marble.

(One of Enzo's roses)

Enzo always loved marble carving, and began his apprenticeship at the age of 11. Most of his life he used his great skill and artistry to reproduce other peoples' sculptures in marble (including Michelangelo's & Bernini's). When Enzo carves something for himself, it is often a rose... from his head... as delicate and lovely a rose as anyone has ever seen... each one is different, all are exquisite. When he's putting the finishing touches on, he sniffs it and smiles and nods...

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